Fast and Clean: 4 Cities With Top-Notch Public Transportation

Public transportation make or break a city. Workers, travellers, and leisure-seekers all need to be able to get around town without too much trouble. Good public transportation can do away with the need to own or rent a car. With gas prices rising and the earth’s climate getting ever worse, cities around the world are looking to public transportation to make their cities efficient and appealing. Here are some of the world’s leaders in public transportation.


Of course Berlin has great public transportation. The ever-organized German city offers several easy ways of getting around:


  • Train. Berlin trains are famous for being on time. They’re also easy to board, with nothing standing between customers and the trains themselves (in fact, it’s common for passengers to board and ride without paying; this is illegal, however). The trains also train all over the city.
  • Cab. Berlin cabs are easy to catch, affordable, and efficient.
  • Bicycle. Biking can give you an intimate connection with a city, as well as some good exercise. Berlin has an innovative bike rental system, and recently put around 2.5 million Euros into making its roads more bike friendly.



Singapore is a great city to travel around in. Singaporeans pride themselves on cleanliness, orderliness, safety, and efficiency. Here are your options:


  • Train. Trains are an essential transportation method in Singapore. They’ll get you most any place you can think of, maps are written in English, there’s virtually no crime, and it’s not too expensive.


  • Cab. Singapore has a good cab system, but it should be noted they can be difficult to catch.




London has done a terrific job at compensating for its famously convoluted road system. The famous tube system is a can’t miss!


  • Train. The tube is a classic London experience, almost a destination in and of themselves. They go most places, are kept clean, and move very quickly.
  • Bus. Buses can get you where the tube can’t. The maps are useful and detailed.
  • Light rail. London has a solid light rail system. Like the bus, the light rails go many places the trains do not. They are also quick moving.



Seoul needs good transportation to get its 25 million people from place to place. Luckily, the system lives up to the need.


  • Train. The KTX will get you not only anywhere within the city, it will get you outside the city if you need it to. Fast, clean, and efficient.
  • Bus. If you’re familiar with Seoul, the bus will get you where you need to go. It’s a good system, but remember that with its huge population, Seoul’s road can get congested and slow-moving if you ride at the wrong time.