Despite the modern advances in the automotive field, attempting to make vehicles more safe, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that millions of people are injured and killed on U.S. roadways each year. Surprisingly, the majority of vehicle accidents can be prevented, but continue to occur in great numbers due to mechanical error and poor judgement made by drivers of all modes of transportation, including public mass transit.logo3

In order to see a significant decrease of injuries and fatalities on our roads, all drivers, automakers, and lawmakers must make a commitment to safety. Drivers of all ages, from teenagers to seniors, are responsible for knowing how to navigate our roads safely. Auto makers are responsible for fixing any mechanical failures and law makers are expected to implement laws that protect all drivers and passengers with a mission to prevent tragic accidents from occurring.

Whether you commute to work each day on a busy freeway or use public transportation to get from place to place, at Transportation Safety Association for the Masses (TSAMass), we look out for the safety of everyone. We are committed to educating and informing the masses on how to navigate the road safely. When there are automotive recalls, new technologies that can improve safety on the road, or exciting news in the automotive industry such as alternative fuels, we make it available to you. At TSAMass, your safety is important to us. Let us be your trusted and up-to-date source for all things related to transportation safety.