7 Daily Habits to Keep Your Car in Working Order

There are many things you can do every day to keep your automobile in good condition. Not all car care methods are dramatic and costly. If you follow good habits every day, you’ll extend the life of your vehicle for a long time. And it won’t take too much effort. Learn these tips, make them part of your daily routine, and treat your car in the way it deserves. You’ll be glad you did.

Keep Track of Your Car Mileage

Keep a sheet of paper in your car. Every day, write your beginning and ending mileage. This will help you understand how your everyday routes and their effects on your mileage. From here, you can experiment with new routes and become as efficient a driver as possible. You’ll reduce overall mileage, and your tracking will help you to remember to take your car in for scheduled tune ups.

Watch for Potholes

Don’t just drive straight ahead all day. Keep your eyes on the road, and watch out for potholes. Avoid those potholes. Obviously, you should should never swerve in traffic, but if you can make a habit of avoiding potholes without causing commotion, you’ll keep your car happy.

Follow All Traffic Laws

Traffic laws are there for your protection. This should go without saying. Public safety experts and law enforcement groups have carefully made and adjusted traffic laws in order to make driving as safe as it can possibly be. By following all laws, you’ll be ensuring order and predictability. Don’t hot dog it. Driving is serious.

Stay Focused

Pay attention when you drive. Distracted driving is one of the road’s greatest dangers these days. Don’t eat when you drive. Don’t waste your attention on advertisements and bumper stickers. Don’t get in heated discussions with your passengers. And for pete’s sake, don’t text or talk on your cellphone. If you need to use your phone, pull over before doing so.

Wipe Your Car Windows

Clean your windows off every time you go driving, especially in winter. It’s easy to ignore that little glaze of frost, thinking it will melt off in no time, but you should never drive a car if can’t see clearly through all of its windows. Keep rags, glass cleaner, and a good ice scraper on hand at all times. Clear vision leads to safe driving.

Watch the Weather

Pay attention to public safety warnings. Weather reports are easy to obtain these days, and it’s a good idea to check your phone’s weather app every time you drive. Bad weather can pop up seemingly out of nowhere, so it’s always helpful to look forward.

Turn the Radio Off

Fiddling with your dial is not a good driving technique. If you get in the habit of driving around without the radio on, it’ll get you more in tune with your surroundings. The silence may seem nerve-wracking at first, but as you become more mindful of traffic, the lack of distraction will begin to seem much more natural. The radio is a distraction. Turn if off and focus on the road.